About us

We are a young and dynamic team, capable of improving ourselves every day.

We face challenges, we provide solutions.

Our history

Our company was born within the University of Alicante after several years of research in the field of waste management and plastic recycling carried out by the founders of Fych. As a result of those years of work, three technologies were patented focused on increasing the recyclability of plastic products and improving the quality of recycled plastics so that they can be used in high value-added applications, thus contributing to the implementation of the Circular Economy in the sector. The Fych company was born with the aim of transferring the technologies and knowledge generated to the industry and continuing to use our research essence to provide technological solutions to waste management.

Mission, vision and values


Our goal is to offer the planet technological intelligence to convert waste into resources, contributing to the progress of society while respecting the natural environment and people.


We want to work on what we are passionate about, which is the development and commercialization of viable and competitive technologies that are recognized among the best in the world in waste recovery, maintaining our independence and freedom to create.


What characterizes us most is our enthusiasm for what we believe in, the attitude with which we work, the innovative spirit with which we think. 


First place

«Best Start-up» Award


Third place

«Best Start-up» Award


Primer Puesto Reto 1:

«Soluciones para la industria»


Impulse Gala Award

Innovative Business Initiatives





This program aims to promote innovative technology-based entrepreneurship, business diversification, economic growth and the creation of quality employment in the business fabric of the Valencian Community, supporting the development of companies whose activities are based on the exploitation of knowledge and technology.

Project "Mechanical recycling of polyaluminum from tetrabriks for high added value applications" Program for the Creation of Technology-Based Companies (CREATEC-CV)


The NEOTEC initiative aims to support the creation and consolidation of new technology-based companies in Spain. 

A technology-based company (EBT) is a company whose activity is focused on the exploitation of products or services that require the use of technologies or knowledge developed from research activity. EBTs base their business or activity strategy on the intensive domain of scientific and technical knowledge.

Project "Mechanical recycling of PET/PE containers from sheets and trays for high added value applications"

NEOTEC 2021 Program. Subsidized by the CDTI.

Meet our team

Full of great professionals. Fych is a meeting place for enthusiastic people, eager to grow and contribute their knowledge to this world.  

Andrea Cabanes

Andrea Cabanes

Co-founder and CEO


  • Chemical engineer
  • Master in Design of Processes and Products
  • Author of 4 scientific articles and 2 book chapters
  • Co-inventor of two patents
Andrés Fullana

Andrés Fullana

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor


  • Engineer and Doctor in Chemical Engineering Professor at the University of Alicante
  • Author of more than 75 scientific articles and book chapters
  • Co-inventor of 9 patents
Oksana Horodytska

Oksana Horodytska

Co-founder & COO


  • Engineer and PhD in Chemical Engineering
  • Author of 4 scientific articles and 2 book chapters
  • Co-inventor of a patent
Ariadna García

Ariadna García

Laboratory technique


  • Collaborator on behalf of the UA for the E4CE research group
  • Chemical engineer
  • Master in Chemical Engineering
Blanca Calderón

Blanca Calderón

R&D Director


  • Doctor in Chemical Engineering

  • Master in Nanoscience and Molecular Nanotechnology

  • Author of 10 scientific articles
  • Co-inventor of a patent
José Perez

José Perez

Plant engineer


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Más de 15 años de experiencia en el sector