Success stories

Over the years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with a wide range of clients, each project providing us with valuable opportunities to learn, grow, and overcome new challenges.

Below, we present a collection of testimonials from our clients, who have firsthand experienced the dedication, professionalism, and transformative impact of our solutions on their businesses.

"At Green World Compounding S.L., we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our processes and products. Collaborating with Fych Technologies has been a crucial step on this path. Thanks to their advanced technology and versatile approach, we have been able to optimize our operations, process new materials, and most importantly, enhance our environmental impact. The experience and professionalism of the Fych Technologies team have allowed us not only to achieve our business goals but also to strengthen our commitment to sustainability. We are immensely grateful for this fruitful collaboration and look forward to continuing our work together in the future."

– Green World Compounding –

“Fych Technologies is a young company that has become a benchmark in the circular economy thanks to the development of its technology for the valorization of plastic waste. Its team, led by Andrea and Oksana, PhDs from the University of Alicante, is comprised of a large number of graduates from the UA and is a clear example of work, perseverance, creativity, and ingenuity; in short, of UA talent.”

- Maria Jesús, Vice Chancellor for Transfer, Innovation, and Scientific Dissemination -

"We are pleased to express our sincerest endorsement of Fych Technologies, a distinguished spinoff from the University of Alicante created by three brilliant researchers, Andrés Fullana, Andrea Cabanes, and Oksana Horodytska.

Since their establishment in our facilities, Fych Technologies has fully leveraged the resources and collaborative ecosystem offered by the Alicante Science Park. They have actively participated in events, collaborations, and business support programs, which has strengthened their growth and impact on the local, regional, and national scientific and business community. Furthermore, they have installed their pilot plant in one of our warehouses.

We highlight the visionary leadership of the Fych Technologies team, as well as their dedication to advancing projects that favor sustainability through technological innovation. We are confident that their presence in the Alicante Science Park will continue to be a source of inspiration and a driver of progress in the field of circular economy and technology."

- Alicante Science Park - 

“Working hand in hand with Fych Technologies has been an excellent opportunity to validate the potential of new advanced recycling processes with a focus on multilayer packaging. This collaboration is undoubtedly a promising line of work through open innovation in the packaging sector. FYCH is an excellent ally when it comes to applying the knowledge and expertise of their team to the challenges of the packaging value chain.”

– Ecoembes –


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