Plastic Decontamination

We eliminate organic contaminants (NIAS) in recycled plastic materials through atmospheric pressure.

Decontaminating recycled plastics is a critical aspect to ensure their safe and effective reuse. Given that the packaging sector represents the highest demand for plastic materials, consequently, the most used materials in this sector: PE, PP, and PET account for 84% of post-consumer plastic waste.

At FychTech, we have developed a plastic decontamination process that not only meets the highest standards of quality and safety but also respects our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our decontamination process is based on advanced purification techniques that remove all types of contaminants, from organic residues to traces of chemicals, ensuring that the recycled plastics are safe for further use.

This process is particularly important for plastics that will be used in sensitive applications, such as packaging for consumer products and other materials that come into direct contact with people.

Our approach uses an innovative, non-volatile, water-soluble extracting agent that operates at atmospheric pressure to remove contaminants from polyolefin matrices.

This Sustainable Solvent by Fych Technologies has been designed to target and extract organic contaminants, both internal and superficial, without compromising the integrity of the plastic. This process not only ensures a significant reduction in contaminant levels to safe limits but is also environmentally friendly and economically viable, reducing production costs compared to traditional chemical recycling methods.

To achieve this level of purification, our process utilizes a combination of mechanical and thermal methods. We start with mechanical cleaning to remove dirt and surface residues. Subsequently, we apply thermal treatments and filtration to extract and eliminate contaminants at the molecular level. This comprehensive approach ensures that the recycled plastics are free of impurities and contaminants, offering a high-quality and safe material for a wide range of uses.

Why Fych Technologies?

Because our innovative plastic recycling technology offers you the opportunity to become a leading company in the plastics market.

We stand out for our exceptional ability to foster innovation in the field of plastic recycling. Our unique patented technology sets us apart as the first company in the Alicante region to offer these three different recycling technologies for plastic recycling.

Our focus is you.

Our work is based on listening to our clients. Our dedicated collaboration with each client allows us to deeply understand their needs, providing them with customized recycling solutions to achieve their sustainability goals. Our services not only generate significant environmental benefits but also drive revenue growth and improve operational efficiency.

Unlimited versatility. The only company to work with any type of plastic material.

We have the capability to work with any type of container, regardless of the material or laminate used in its manufacture.

Perseverance and Innovation

We are characterized by a tireless work ethic and an innovative mindset. At Fych Technologies, we not only embrace change, but we drive it, ensuring that each project reflects our dedication and vision for the future.

Experts and passion. The transformative power of our team.

Our team, a fusion of talent and professionalism, is composed of highly qualified specialists. Passionate about innovation, they work tirelessly to turn our partner companies into sustainability leaders.



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