Plastic delamination


A water-based procedure to remove adhesive and inks between sheets. In this way, the recycling of each of these materials that make up multilayer products is facilitated.

Frequently, a single type of plastic alone is not capable of meeting the technical characteristics required in a packaging. Instead, it is necessary to use a combination of plastics bonded together to form a multilayer packaging. For example, by combining two plastics with different barrier properties for oxygen and water, a multilayer plastic that offer protection against oxygen and water can be obtained.

Another use of laminates is as a barrier for printing pigments. When working with food, it is important to ensure that the ink does not come into contact with the food. Therefore, the ink is printed on one plastic film and then another layer of the same plastic is added so that the ink remains in the inner layer, thus protecting the food from contact with the ink.

Although multilayer materials, also known as laminated materials, offer numerous technical advantages, they pose a major problem when it comes to recycling due to the low miscibility of the polymer materials that make them up, preventing them from being reprocessed by extrusion. Therefore, prior to the extrusion process, it is necessary to delaminate the multilayer plastics and separate the different polymers that make up the laminated structure.

Currently, the methods used for plastic delamination are based on a selective dissolution of each of the layers using organic solvents. These solvents present environmental and safety issues as they are flammable. Furthermore, due to the cost of solvents, these methods are unfeasible for most laminated materials.

Therefore, there is a need for a delamination procedurethat is efficient for the majority of laminated plastics, allowing for the recycling of each of the plastic materials that make them up.

Deslamina envase multicapa - 2
deslaminado envase

Fych has developed a process to remove the adhesive that holds the plastic films together, simultaneously removing the ink. This facilitates the recycling of each of the plastic materials in the multilayer structure by delamination.

Fych's technology allows for the recycling of the vast majority of multilayer plastics, eliminating the printed ink between layers. It is a technology that can be implemented within a mechanical plastic recycling process and is environmentally friendly as it does not require the use of organic solvents and works on a water-based system. This allows for the generation of new sources of post-consumer polymers, expanding the market for high-quality recycled plastics without inks.

The operating costs of Fych's multilayer plastic delamination process fall within the range of conventional mechanical recycling processes and therefore do not have a negative impact on the price of recycled plastic.

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