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Andrea holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alicante. In 2017 she started her research career in the research group Engineering for the Circular Economy after returning from the Netherlands where she completed a Professional Master in Process and Product Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Andrea's research work was focused on the study of the removal of unwanted odours and other volatile substances present in recycled plastics with the aim of increasing thir quality. As a result of this work, Andrea identified odour generating substances in recycled plastics from different sources and studied various processes for the removal of these substances. The result of her research can be found in her PhD thesis “A review on VOCs from recycled plastics”  (http://rua.ua.es/dspace/handle/10045/107846) and in several scientific articles and book chapters published internationally..

andrea cabanes

In 2019 she completed a research stay at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy (https://www.chemistry.nat.fau.eu/) of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (https://www.fau.eu/) in Erlangen, Alemania. The result of this research stay was the publication:

In 2023, Andrea received the UA EMPRENDE Award for her doctoral thesis. (https://uaemprende.ua.es/es/premiados-tfg-tfm-tesis-2022-texto-para-web.pdf)

Como fruto de la tesis también se patentaron 2 tecnologías relacionadas con la descontaminación y desodorización de plásticos donde Andrea fue una de la co-inventoras. Las patentes son: ES2798049A1 PROCEDURE AND SYSTEM FOR THE ELIMINATION OF ODORS IN RECYCLED PLASTICS y ES2835344A1 PROCEDURE FOR DECONTAMINATION OF RECYCLED PLASTIC.